Martking Is There

We believe in giving back to the society as it is the society through which we are earning. Over the years the condition and situation of the handicraft craftsmen has stooped to such a level that they are bound to experience the hell right on this earth. But due to our core manufacturing background we are well aware of their hardships and we always had a connection and affection with them. We just don’t want to move ahead and succeed in life alone but want these craftsmen to walk with us hand in hand.

For this purpose we have always tried our level best to be there when they need us in tough times. And through our program MARTKING IS THERE we try to bring little more smiles on their faces by offering our craftsmen bonuses on yearly bases and often organize small get-togethers for their wives and children. Under this program we offer to support their one child basic education if they need such type of help from us and offers to bear some portion of their daughter’s marriage expenses and some portion of any other medical treatment expenses. Our craftsmen are our diamond and gold we don’t want to lose them at any cost and we are always there for them.